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viernes 03 de diciembre del 2021
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gavinharris, Escritor de

It turns out that Sudoku does not come from Japan or China, but from the United States, because for the first time this puzzle was published in the American Dell Puzzle Magazine in 1979.


In 2004, the British Times began to regularly publish this puzzle on its pages. Sudoku peaked in 2005, when it became the leader among the world's most popular puzzles. In terms of the number of fans, it can only be compared with the famous Rubik's cube.


The online Sudoku puzzle has only one correct solution. If the author allows several solutions, then this is just a low-quality product and nothing more.


Solving puzzles of this type should be done through logical thinking, and not through thoughtless selection of numbers.

Sudoku, a puzzle understandable to a person of any nationality, regardless of knowledge of a particular language. By the way, instead of numbers, you can use any other 9 characters.


The simplest version of this puzzle is odd and even sudoku, in which individual cells are filled with different colors. Some cells contain only even numbers, while others contain only odd numbers.


To guess the puzzles, you do not need any special skills and abilities, the main thing here is the logic of thinking, patience and the innate ability to bring the work started to the end.


Experts advise to fill in the tables with a pencil, because it can always be erased if a mistake was made.


The best way to solve the puzzle is to select and mark a set of possible numbers in the upper corner of the square, then you can gradually erase the unsuitable candidate numbers. As a result, the required number can be found using the elimination method.


Web Sudoku is an excellent simulator for the development of memory and logic, saves from depression and dementia. After conducting numerous studies, scientists have found that such exercise for the mind, coupled with physical activity and a healthy diet, can delay the regression of the intellectual abilities of an elderly person for many years.


Sudoku puzzles for kids are smaller (4x4 field, 2x2 blocks). They are called shidoku.


The first world Sudoku competition took place in 2006 in the Italian city of Luca. The winner was the Czech Yana Tilova.

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