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sábado 05 de diciembre del 2020
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Importancia de la buena digestión y METABOILSM para mantenerse saludable

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Importancia de la buena digestión y METABOILSM para mantenerse saludable            There are a lot of books, magazines, articles, etc. They are published on a regular basis regarding nutritious, healthy and organic food and being read and practiced by millions of people around the world on a daily basis, but even the chart is only increasing in terms of various diseases. Why is this so?    Everyone is obsessed with healthy, macrobiotic food and nutritious food, but still making a habit of applying multiple vitamins pills, pills, calcium pills for iron, vitamin C, etc. in your daily routine. Why?    If one is eating healthy and nutritious foods then why do they need additional chemical supplements?               People all over the world are today more concerned about their physical condition and therefore they are opting for more nutritious, healthy and organic food, but the irony is that even after doing so many things and taking so many precautions the diseases are not controlling, instead of the problems like gastritis, liver diseases, gastroesophageal reflux, peptic and duodenal ulcers, the wrong metabolism etc are in the augment.  Many will say that all this is due to stress, adulteration of food, pollution and other things, that I completely agree with the cause, but genuine underlining is still gone!  The claim that you eat healthy, organic and nutritious foods to stay healthy, but only by doing so will not solve the problem or make you healthy.    The main elements that the one that nobody teaches about is that -  1. How to eat?  2. When to eat?  3. What all the things to follow to have an adequate metabolism?    Yes, these are the most important things we all owe and you should know otherwise despite eating the nutritious food that is not at all going to help either.  These things may seem very simple, but these are very important part for the process of digestion and metabolism.  Unless and until one does not have good and adequate Metabolism nothing will help. If a person has an adequate metabolism then the digestion and assimilation of the intestines will be there and only he or she will not be deprived of iron, calcium or essential vitamins and minerals.  # Aahar Pachan in Ayurveda  The process of digestion is known as Aahar Pachan in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, any food (ahar) passes through the following:  Taste (Rasa)  Uses (Guna)  Power (Veerya)  resulting Metabolism (vipak), and  the impact (prabhav)     &n bsp;          It is said that they compromise rasas gunas and is in charge of Veerya. This is suppressed by vipak and finally prabhav makes all of them resultant. Therefore, when we consume food, we must take into account the fact that our food must have calories according to age. Similarly the intake of calories during pregnancy and lactation and illness or recovery should also be considered. The calories should come in a balanced way in terms of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Food is consumed as solid or semi-solid and liquid. Salads should be an important segment of food. Water is necessary apart from juices and milk and must be pure and adequate.    # Signs of improper metabolism:  # primary signs: Constipation, mental dullness, unexplained fatigue, bad breath  # Secondary Signs: gas, swelling, dirty tongue, body odor, dull skin, high cholesterol, degenerative diseases  The main purpose of Ayurveda Aahar Pachan or the process of digestion should be such that humans can achieve the ultimate goal of science. that is, maintain health and the treatment of the disease.  # We are observing the inhabitants of the whole world in their regular routine. They do not even have time to eat properly.Mostly they are trying to finish the work of eating when they were heading for the quick living habits of the office.Today they are:  1.Just grab a piece of sandwich or a hamburger, pizza or anything and eat while on your way to work or run while eating, etc.  2. Watching television or reading newspapers and eating.  3.Not chew food properly. 4.Eating either too fast or too slow.  5.Mostly drink plenty of water just before the meal or immediately after the meal.  6. Going to sleep immediately after dinner. And so many other things.    # Do you know how these habits are damaging your health?      n            ~ If you do not chew food well, then the proper mix of saliva with the food will not be there. Saliva contains an amylase called ptyalin that makes partial digestion of carbohydrates in one's mouth. So if you are not chewing food properly, then automatically the first stage of digestion is incomplete.               ~ If you are more focused on reading or watching television during lunch or not sitting properly and peacefully in one place then automatically the proper secretion of gastric juices will not be there and will again hamper the process of digestion.               ~ Drinking water just before the meal will kill the appetite and also immediately after the meal will hinder the process of digestion, because by the water Ayurveda that is, Guru guna heavy and therefore should not be consumed immediately after of the food.               ~ Going to sleep immediately after the meal to a bad digestion and can cause so many problems too.               Therefore, instead of focusing more on the organic and nutritional matter, first try to learn the proper process of eating .Whatever you eat well or not nutritious, food or medicine everything has to be metabolized the first and will only occur proper effect.    # What Ayurveda says:               Each person has a certain combination of tridoshas, ​​known as their innate nature, and this uniqueness of each individual is a concept that is fundamental in Ayurveda. If you went to see an Ayurvedic healer, you would probably work out a specialized eating plan based on various factors such as age and gender, the doshic tendencies that need to be balanced at a given time, the strength of the body tissues and the digestive fibers, and the level of AMA (toxins) in the body. The place where the person lives and the season are also factors that affect two of the diet and not doing. However, there are some universally applicable principles that are important to follow:  1. Include the six flavors in each main meal  2. Choose foods by balancing physical attributes  3. Choose foods that are sattvic 4. Options for seasonal, whole foods, fresh from the area  5. Rotate menus and experiment with a variety of foods  6. Include spices and herbs in your daily diet    # Follow the rules and good health will surely come to your waynot quite. In Ayurveda, the way you eat is as important as it is. The theories are complex, but here are five introductory guidelines to help good digestion:    1. eat sitting in a sedentary environment, and maintain good posture.  2. Stimulate digestion before food: Weak digestive fire (agni) can lead to fatigue after eating, so before a full meal try to eat a one-inch piece of fresh ginger with a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. This stimulates saliva and digestive enzymes, aiding efficient digestion. 3. Avoid cold drinks at meals.  4.Do not skip breakfast and avoid heavy foods at night.  5. As much as possible eat fresh food.  6. Make lunch the main meal of the day.  7. Do not eat after 10pm    So Simply eating healthy foods does not give adequate results. The way of eating food is also very important.    * Eat properly be healthy! This is what we want to say!

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