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Ways You Can Improve Your Academic Writing


Academic writing is a major part of your studies in your school years and more so, in your college education. In your studies, you will end up writing countless, essay reports, reviews, etc in your assignments, submissions, and exams. Each of the writing types prompts you to work on the prompt by following the rules and formalities of academic writing. 

It, thus, becomes important that you improve upon your writing as you advance through grades. Often students tend to spend a big chunk of their essay time on the essay research, leaving little time for essay writing service.

There are several departments that you can look to improve in your writing. A good way to go about the task is to target the parts of writing as required by formal academic writing.



Use formal vocabulary

Formal academic writing requires you to do away with informal and colloquial language. The words and phrases that you use in your everyday conversation have no place in academic writing. Words and phrases such as ‘literally’, ‘like’, and ‘as far as we know’, etc. You should also stay away from wordy winding phrases and cliches that can be altogether excluded from the writing, such as ‘in order to’, ‘it’s important to know’, ‘once in a blue moon’, etc. Moreover, formal writing doesn’t allow for contractions and abbreviations. Make sure that you use the full form of words.

Adopt an unbiased tone

Academic writing is always objective, other than when it’s stated. The objectivity in writing makes sure that the bias and prejudice regarding a subject don’t affect its analysis and evaluation. To induce such objectivity always avoid writing in first-person voice and do away with using the first-person pronouns in your writing. Make sure not to put it aside just because it doesn’t include the keyword you were looking for in write my essay

Using the pronouns such as the ‘I’ naturally puts you at the center of your writing, and it becomes easy to become biased. Calling out the reader with the second-person pronouns also should be avoided; You should instead use the third-person voice at all times. 

At times writers adopt the passive voice in their writing by making it about the action than the doer. This helps put the subject in the background, inducing unbiasedness. 

Use formal punctuation

You should be careful in the use of punctuation in academic writing such as in essays. The following punctuations are considered formal:

  • Full stop: The full stop indicates the end of a complete sentence. 

  • Comma: Commas introduce a pause in the sentence and is used after coordinating conjunction when it joins two independent clauses. 

  • Semicolon: The semicolon is placed between two independent clauses to show the relationship between the two sentences. The semicolon is also used to separate lists composed of phrases. 

These following are considered semi-formal:

  • Colon: The colon is placed before a quote separating it from the introductory phase that tells one about the speaker. It is also used between two sentences when the second helps summarize and explain the first sentences. 

  • Parentheses: Parentheses are used to set aside information that is additionally added for clarity if needed. 

The following are informal: 

  • Em-dash: Used to create the effect of delivering a punchline or emphasis upon the information related to the sentence that comes before it.

  • Exclamation mark: It shows jubilation and excitement. 

Keep the essay structure formal

The essay structure includes the paragraphs and the structural components within. Each paragraph should be uniform and should contain a single point. Make sure that you include in your essay the important components of the thesis statement, the topic sentences, the evidence, the warrants, etc. You should also make sure that the paragraphs and ideas are coherent, both verbally and logically.  With practice, you will train your peripheral vision to catch more words at a time, essay writer will help you go over more information in the same amount of time.


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